Saturday, June 11, 2011

So we have a house out in the country! Now What?

Well if you've been following me on my blog You know who I am. If not well you soon will find out. So last yr we moved out into the country. I mean way out, I think the population here is a little over 300. The town is so small you blink and it's gone. Anyway, we are out here on almost 2 acres of land in a pretty nice house. Heck I think it's perfect compared to living in the tiny one bedroom apartment we were living in. Three people and a dog in that place wasn't cutting it anymore. So God opened the door to get us in here. Yeah!! So I'm still getting use to living out here. I tend to get sleepy sooner, the views are gorgeous and the neighbors well of what we do have are sweet and keep to themselves. When you need something though they're right there to lend a hand. I tried my hand at gardening last yr and not much came of it. I did have two tomato plants last and I got some yummy Cherry Maters from them, but everything else went down hill. This year though my plants are taking off. I hope I actually get them to adult and fruitation stage. We'll see. I've got pictures which I'll post over a few blogs. First I want to show you this view.

 Sarah Meadows

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